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Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit High School program allows eligible high school students to enroll in college classes concurrently with high school classes and receive both high school and college credit. The student must be in grade ten, eleven, or twelve, have a 2.5 cumulative GPA.

Before registering as a dual enrollment student, please verify that the school you currently attend has an active agreement. Click here for a list of participating schools

Southern Union offers several Dual Enrollment options:

Academic Programs:
Associate's Degree            

Health Science Programs:

Technical Programs:
Manufacturing Technology, Industrial Electricity/Electronics, Machine Shop Technology, Welding Technology, Engineering Graphics and Design, Automotive Technology, and Air Conditioning and refrigeration.

Prior to registering you must complete the application process.

  1. To complete this process you can click on the "Apply Now"  button at the top of the page or use the link below:
    Apply Now
  2. You will need to creat a new user account by clicking on the "Get One" option


Steps to register for our Dual/Accelerated Enrollment Program

Counselor's Checklist for On-Campus  |  Counselor's Checklist for Off-Campus

  1. Verify your high school has a Dual/Accelerated Enrollment Agreement.
    Click here to view the list of Dual Enrollment Agreements.
    If your school is not listed and you are interested in our Dual/Accelerated Enrollment Program contact Catherine Stringfellow, Registrar at (256) 395-2211 Ext. 5155 or by email at
  2. Submit an Admission Application.
    Dual Enrollment Agreement Form
    To submit your application online click here. (Select the option to "Get" an User ID and follow the prompts)
    To complete the printed version click here.
  3. Provide Identification to the Admissions Office.
    Students must provide a primary form of photo documentation such as an unexpired driver's license or two secondary forms of documentation such as a Social Security Card or a U.S. birth certificate along with an acceptable alternate photo ID. Males 18 years or older, must submit proof of Selective Service Registration at Students who plan to mail the college a copy of their ID must provide a notarized copy.
  4. Complete the Dual Enrollment Form.
    The Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit form must be completed with the approved courses listed and signed by the students, high school principal and superintendent. The course(s) the student takes will be based upon the list of eligible courses for your school system and the current SUSCC schedule. This form must be submitted to the Admissions Office each semester.
    Click here to download Dual Enrollment Form
  5. Provide official high school transcript as documentation of required grade point average.
    Transcripts must be mailed to:
    Southern Union State Community College
    Attention: Catherine Stringfellow, Registrar Admissions Office
    PO Box 1000
    Wadley, AL 36276

    This transcript will serve as documentation of the required grade point average. An updated high school transcript must be submitted for each semester that the students enrolls in a dual enrollment course. High School transcripts must be attached to the dual enrollment form.
  6. Take the Compass Test.
    Students who do not have an ACT score of 20 or above in English and/or math, and a score of 17 or higher in reading, or a SAT score of 480 or above in the verbal and/or math sections, are required to take the COMPASS placement test after they have submitted their application for general admission to the College. For additional information on Compass Testing,  click here.

    For questions regarding Compass Testing contact Robbie Whaley, Coordinator of Testing Service at (334) 745-6437 Ext. 5416 or by email at
  7. Schedule Class(es).
    Following completion of steps 1-6, you can register online, using the "mySUSCC" web portal, or in-person during published registration dates.
  8. Tuition and Fees.
    Tuition and fees are due at the time of registration and can be paid online or by in-person at the Business (Cashier's)Office. Students attending on-campus classes should obtain a parking hang tag at the Business Office prior to the first day of class.

Important Note for students needing to take the Placement Test: Students who have taken the Placement Test once and tested into a remedial or transitional course, (ENG 092, ENG 093, MTH 090, MTH 098, RDG 085, or ENR094) should consider attending the Academic Boot Camp prior to retesting on the COMPASS.  You should only retest upon completion of the Academic Boot Camp. If you are interested in taking the Boot Camp click here for additional information.


On-Campus courses are college classes that are taught at the high school. The goal of "DONE IN A DAY" is to make registration and the enrollment process quick and efficient for those Dual Enrollment students whose courses are taught on their high School Campus.

High Schools wanting to schedule a "DONE IN A DAY" session should contact Catherine Stringfellow at (256) 395-2211 Ext. 5155 or by email at

Admission and Program Application Forms:

General Admission Application
EMT Application

Dual Enrollment Forms:  
Dual Enrollment Agreement Form                                                            
Dual Enrollment Course Proposal Form 
Dual Enrollment Permission Form
PACT Usage Form

Dual Enrollment Information for High Schools:

Dual Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions 
Dual Enrollment Recommended Courses
Dual Enrollment Information for High School Counselors
Dual Enrollment Counselor's Checklist (On Campus)
Dual Enrollment Counselor's Checklist (Off Campus)
Dual Enrollment Technical Counselor's Checklist
Dual Enrollment EMT Counselor's Checklist


Dual Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Dual Enrollment?
Dual enrollment refers to a student who receives both high school and college credit for a particular course taught at the high school or on one of the SUSCC campuses during the fall, spring and summer semester.

What is the difference between Dual Enrollment and Accelerated High School Students?
The Accelerated High School Program allows a high school student to enroll in a college class for college credit only. Accelerated High School Students do not receive high school credit for the college course. Dual Enrollment means a high school student is enrolled in a college course that will be used for both high school credit and college credit.

Am I eligible?
Eligible students must:

  • Be in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade at the time of enrolling in a dual enrollment course.
  • Have a 3.0 GPA in completed high school courses to enroll in academic courses.
  • Have a 2.5 GPA in completed high school courses to enroll in career technical or health science courses.
  • Meet the admission requirements of the College for the academic or career technical program selected by the student.
  • Have written approval of the appropriate principal and the local superintendent of education.
  • Complete the ACT, SAT or COMPASS Placement Exam in order to determine placement in English and math courses.

How do I apply?

  • Discuss dual enrollment/dual credit options with your high school counselor to determine if you are eligible to enroll for dual enrollment at Southern Union.
  • Apply online or download and print the Application for General Admission. Complete and return by mail or in person to the Admissions Office on any SUSCC campus.
  • Submit a notarized copy of an unexpired driver’s license or two forms of identification, one of which must be a Photo ID to the Admissions Office.
  • Complete and submit the Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit form with approved courses listed and signed by high school principal and school superintendent.
  • Attach your current official transcript and ACT scores to your Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit form and send them to the Admissions Office.

Is Dual Enrollment right for me?
Dual enrollment courses are college courses and the amount of work necessary to succeed in these courses may be much greater than in traditional high school courses. Students should talk to their high school counselors and parents about the dual enrollment program. The grades in these courses will become a permanent part of the student’s college transcript. It is important that students do well in their first college courses so they can begin their college career with success. Questions to consider: Am I ready for a college class? What class do I want to take?

What courses are available for Dual Enrollment?
A variety of courses in career technical, health sciences and academic transfer programs are available through dual enrollment agreements between the high school and Southern Union. Courses numbered below 100 are not available for dual credit. Consult your high school counselor for details.

When and where can I take the class?
Classes may be offered at your local high school or one of Southern Union’s campuses. Students can schedule classes at their high school with approval from their high school counselors. Students may take courses at SUSCC during the day, evening or online during the school year and also during the summer semester.

How do I receive my grade?
Grades are issued to students each semester. Students may view their grades on their mySUSCC account located at In addition, high school guidance counselors can request a copy of the students’ grades each semester.

Are my Dual Enrollment grades listed on my high school and college transcripts?
The grades earned in Dual Enrollment course are listed on the student’s high school transcript and counts toward high school graduation requirements. The grades are also listed on student’s SUSCC transcript once they graduate from high school or earn a GED. These grades are permanent college grades and become a part of the student’s permanent college transcript.

Will dual enrollment courses transfer to other colleges and universities?
Academic transfer courses will transfer to most four colleges and universities in Alabama.
The Statewide Transfer Articulation System (STARS) provides information on courses that transfer from Southern Union to Alabama’s public four year institutions. For information on STARS and transfer credit in Alabama, students should go to Students who plan to attend a college or university out of state should contact the institution for specific transfer information. Career technical courses are not designed for transfer. However, these courses allow students to get a jump start in a technical career program at SUSCC. These courses can lead to an Associate in Applied Science degree or certificate and can help with early employment opportunities in today’s highly skilled workforce.

How much do Dual Enrollment courses cost?
Dual enrollment students pay the same tuition rate as all SUSCC students. Tuition and fees are based on the number of credit hours. Payment is required at the time of registration for classes. Dual enrollment students are also required to purchase books/materials for each course. The Alabama Workforce Investment Area (AWIA) has authorized the Workforce Investment ACT (WIA) In-School Youth funding for eligible career technical dual enrollment students. Contact Sarah Cox at (334)-745-6437 ext. 5316 or and/or Greg Brewer at (334)-745-6437 ext. 5518 or for more information concerning WIA funds.

Can PACT funds be used for Dual Enrollment?
Yes, students must notify Tammy Spratlin at (256)-395-2211 ext. 5162 or each semester they choose to use their available PACT funds. A PACT Usage Form must also be completed each semester. Students will also need to contact PACT at 1-800-252-7228 in order to change their original enrollment date.

Contact Information:
Please direct any Dual Enrollment questions to Catherine Stringfellow, Registrar at (256) 395-2211 Ext. 5155 or by email at

Questions regarding Alabama Workforce Investment Area (AWIA) and Workforce Investment Act (WIA) can be directed to Greg Brewer at (334) 745-6437 Ext. 5518 or by email at OR Sarah Cox at (334) 745-6437 Ext. 5316 or by email at