Southern Union State Community College

Parking and Driving Regulations

Southern Union has many designated student parking areas. You must have a Southern Union parking permit in order to park on campus. Parking permits are issued in the Business Office once the online form is completed. Please view SU’s parking and driving regulations for more detailed information.

Important New Parking Information:

Students must complete the online form below to receive a parking permit.  Once completed, students will need to print a confirmation receipt and bring the receipt to the Business Office and pay the $10.00 parking fee. Parking permits will not be available for Fall 2017 until the first week of August.

Click here to register online for a Parking Permit

Remember, it is prohibited to park:    

  • without a valid permit displayed   
  • in "No Parking" areas (yellow curbs)
  • in a handicapped space without a valid handicapped tag or permit displayed
  • on the grass, sidewalk or crosswalks

Violators will be subject to fines. Fines can be paid at the cashier. Failure to pay fines may result in holds on your student records, graduation or the registration process.