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Student Resources

This page contains information on student resources and college services that are available to Southern Union students.

Student Resources Links (links to external sites)
STARS Transfer Guide for Alabama 4 year colleges
Alabama Virtual Library
Homework Alabama
BN Online Bookstore

Student Resource Services
Tutorial Services
Academic Boot Camp
Computer Lab Services
Proctored Exams

Financial Aid Forms
Financial Aid Appeal Form
Federal Work Study Form

Admission Forms
Application for Readmission
Accelerated High School Form
Dual Enrollment Form

Grade Adjustment Forms
Course Forgiveness
Academic Bankruptcy

Student Records/transcripts

Students may view and print thier unofficial transcripts in the mySUSCC web portal under the Student Information Center/Student Records/Unofficial Transcripts.  Official transcripts may be requested in the same area under the Request Transcript link.  SUSCC does not charge for official transcripts.

Release of Records to Third Parties

The general policy of Southern Union State Community College is to refuse access to student records to third parties without the written consent of the individual student. Should a student wish to have records released, the student must have a completed and signed Release of Records form on file in the Admissions/Records Office.

Computer Lab Services
The Learning Resource Center (LRC) on each campus has computers that are available to students during the day and a supervised computer lab that offers a quite place to work and study. (Students must present an ID to use lab.)  Check the library hours on the campus you plan to visit before traveling to campus.

Proctored Exams
Southern Union's Assessment Center can proctor online test and assignments. If you need to have an exam proctored please contact the Assessment Center at (334) 745- 6437 ext. 5416 or 5488 or by email at

Course Forgiveness

Any course for which the student has previously registered may be repeated.  When a course is repeated one time, the last grade awarded (excluding grades of “W”) replaces the previous grade in the computation of the cumulative grade point average. The grade point average during the term in which the course was first attempted will not be affected. The official transcript will list the course and grade each time it is attempted.

When a course is repeated more than once, all grades for the course - excluding the first grade - will be employed in computation of the cumulative grade point average. A course may be counted only once toward fulfillment of credit hours for graduation.

This policy applies to Southern Union State Community College courses only. Implementation of forgiveness does not guarantee that other institutions will approve such action. This determination will be made by the respective transfer institutions.

A student may request forgiveness by completing a “Request for Course Forgiveness” form in Student Records. Southern Union transcripts will include two GPAs: a semester GPA and a cumulative GPA. The transcript will carry an appropriation notation that the cumulative GPA may not include grades for all courses attempted. Course Forgiveness will not be granted for terms prior to the initiation of this policy (Fall Term, 1998).

The Course Forgiveness form must be completed and returned to the Admissions/Records Office.

Academic Bankruptcy
Academic bankruptcy is the removal of one to three semesters of grades from the calculation of a student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA). The following apply to any request for academic bankruptcy:

  • Academic bankruptcy is initiated by a written request from the student to the registrar/records official.
  • Academic bankruptcy may impact your financial aid status.
  • Academic bankruptcy may only be declared once and may be applied to no more than three (3) semesters, which do not have to be consecutive.
  • The bankrupted courses and grades remain on the transcript but are not calculated in the student’s cumulative GPA.
  • None of the coursework taken during a semester for which academic bankruptcy is declared, including hours completed satisfactorily, will be used to fulfill degree requirements.
  • Developmental courses successfully completed during a period of academic bankruptcy can be used to fulfill prerequisites.
  • To be eligible for academic bankruptcy, the student must have completed 12 semester credit hours of coursework at the college since the most recent semester for which the academic bankruptcy is requested. A grade of “C”, “S”, or higher is required in each course in 12 semester credit hours in the post-bankruptcy period.
  • When a student receives a declaration of academic bankruptcy, a permanent notation of “ACADEMIC BANKRUPTCY” will be reflected on the transcript for each semester affected.
  • Approval of the academic bankruptcy status at a college does not guarantee other institutions will honor that status. This determination will be made by the respective transfer institution(s).

The Academic Bankruptcy form must be completed and returned to the Admissions/Records Office.

Transient Letter (Southern Union Students)

Southern Union students wishing to take courses at another postsecondary institution and receive transfer-credit, must receive a Transient Form from an Academic Advisor.  Transient forms must be picked up from an advisor and may not be electronically transmitted.