Southern Union State Community College

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days must I attend class, lab or clinical?

AEMT is offered in the evening most semesters and classes meet 3 days a week on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday evenings. During some semesters the program is offered during the day and meets three days per week.

What are the prerequisites for AEMT?

Students must have unencumbered licensure as an EMT in Alabama.  Students must have a 2.0 gpa at Southern Union.  Transfer students who have never attended Southern Union must enter the College on clear academic status (2.0 gpa).  For students without previous college work, a 2.0 gpa from high school or successful passage of the GED is required. Students must also be eligible for college-level English, math and meet the college's reading requirement.

What are the co-requisites for AEMT?

Students must take EMS 155 and 156 together. These courses may not be taken separately.   Students who have not previously completed anatomy & physiology (either EMS189, BIO111 or BIO 201) will need to complete before applying to the Paramedic level.

What if I received my EMT from another state and/or a non-accredited program?

Students must have an unencumbered licensure as an EMT in Alabama and national registry certification to be eligible for the AEMT program.  Additionally EMS 108, Directed Studies in EMS-I, will be required as a co-requisite to the AEMT courses, EMS 155 and 156.  Upon successful completion of EMS 108 with a grade of 75 or higher, the student will be awarded 10 hours of academic credit.

Is there a test required for admission to AEMT?

There is no preadmission test required for the AEMT.  Students who have not successfully completed a college level math and English must have ACT, SAT or COMPASS placement scores that have been taken within 3 years of program admission verifying they are eligible for ENG 101 and MTH 100 and have met the College's reading requirement. Students who transferred English Composition I and Intermediate Algebra or higher level math from another college are not required to have placement scores. Click here to find out if you need the COMPASS placement test.

What kind of job can I get with an AEMT certificate?

You may work at an ambulance service under the supervision of a licensed paramedic or you may qualify for a job as an Emergency Room Technician at a hospital. AEMT is the second level of EMS licensure. Successful completion of EMS 155 and EMS 156 are required for AEMT program completion. The AEMT has an extended scope of practice over the EMT.  Some students who plan to further their education in certain medical careers take EMT courses to gain clinical experience to improve their chance of being accepted into a medical program.