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Program Information

Program Information

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) is a one semester program that is taught fall, spring or summer semesters as needed.  Interested students must hold a current Alabama EMT license, meet all program admission requirements and apply for admission to the program.  See admission requirements.

Accreditation: Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs upon the recommendation of the  Committee on Accreditation of Education Programs for the EMS Professionals (CoAEMSP)  

Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs
1361 Park Street
Clearwater, FL 33756 
Phone: (727) 210-2350

Certification Earned: Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) 

Length of Program: One semester (8 semester hours)

Priority Application Deadlines: 
Spring - September 15
Summer - April 1
Fall - June 15
Late applications will be accepted until class is full.

Location: Opelika, Valley or Wadley Campus as needed 

Credentials Earned: National Registered AEMT following successful completion of the National Registry of Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians certification exam.  The National Registry examinations are required for licensure in Alabama at the EMT, Advanced EMT and Paramedic levels.

Additional Information


Fall, Spring or Summer 

Course Number Course Name Theory Lab Clinic Credit Hours
EMS 155 Advanced Emergency Medical Technician 3 3 0 7
EMS 156 Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Clinical 0 0 2 2
Total credit hours         9

*Transfer students: Students who completed EMT training from a non-accredited program and plan to transfer in as a licensed EMT must take EMS 108, Directed Studies in EMS I, as a co-requisite with EMS 156, Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Clinical.  Upon completion of EMS 108 with a grade of 75 or higher, the student will be awarded 10 hours of academic credit.

Students will need to complete anatomy & phsiology (BIO111, BIO201*, or EMS189**) prior to applying for the Paramedic level.  
*If BIO201 elected, then BIO202 will need to completed prior to the third semester of Paramedic.
**Online course only.  Students enrolling in an online course for the first time at SUSCC must concurrently enroll in CIS290C Online Learning Basics, 1 credit hour.

Comprehensive Examinations Information

Students who are enrolled in the EMS Program must achieve an “Above the passing standard” as defined by the testing software on each module of the six (6) AEMS Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) Competency exams (Airway, Cardiac, Trauma, Medical, OB/Peds and Operations) in order to successfully complete the courses: EMS 119 (students enrolled in EMT),  EMS 156 (students enrolled in AEMT) or EMP 204 (students enrolled in Paramedic).  Students falling below the passing standard are required to remediate in areas of deficiency and retake the exam, and may repeat the exam as often as needed.   After successful completion of the six (6) CAT exams, students are eligible to take the Comprehensive Final Exam.