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Introduction to Distance Education

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Distance Education             

Southern Union is committed to offering quality education for students that is affordable,  accessible, equitable, and responsive to the diverse needs of its students. One way we meet this part of our mission is through offering courses that are accessible through our online and hybrid course offerings. Southern Union now offers 60 or more courses through distance education. These courses are transferable to other accredited college and universities the same as the face-to-face courses. If you are interested in finding out more about which courses from Southern Union are transferable, you should discuss this with an academic advisor.

Degrees that can be earned online

At Southern Union, one degree may be earned entirely through distance education, the Associate in Science Degree (Academic Transfer)*. This is a 60-64 credit hour associate degree consisting of general education core courses. 

Steps to take when considering Online/Hybrid Classes

Now that you are considering joining the hundreds of other SUSCC students who have chosen to take an online or hybrid course, check out these myths and facts about Distance Education.  

Once you have read the myths and facts about online education, you should assess whether you are ready. We want you to be successful in your college coursework! If you are new to distance education classes, be sure to take the Online Readiness Assessment* located at this link.

Now that you have determined you are ready to begin, or continue, your educational journey through distance education,  the steps to register for online or hybrid courses are the same as those for registering for our traditional courses.  Click here to find the steps to follow for application and class registration.  Through the online class schedule lookup utility, you can limit the courses to online or hybrid to find a listing of all online courses offered at Southern Union. Please note that ORI 111 (or CIS290C) Online Learning Basics (1 credit hour) is required as a co-requisite with your first online class taken at Southern Union.

*Used by Permission: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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