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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days must I attend class, lab or clinical?
EMT is offered most semesters on the Opelika Campus and classes meet 3 days a week in the day and/or evening. Occasionally, the program is offered on the Valley or Wadley Campus as needed. Clinical experiences are scheduled on an individual basis within the program.

What are the prerequisites for EMT?
Students must have a 2.0 cumulative gpa from all previous college coursework. For students without previous college work, a 2.0 gpa from high school or successful passage of the GED is required. Students must also be eligible for college-level English, math and meet the reading requirement of the College prior to acceptance to the EMT program.  Click here to find out if you need placement testing to determine eligibility for English, math and reading requirements. For more details on appying for the program, register for a required Health Sciences Information Session.

Is there a test for admission to EMT?
Students who have not successfully completed a college level math and English course must have appropriate level ACT, SAT or COMPASS placement scores that have been taken within 3 years of program admission.  Students who do not have appropriate level placement test scores may be required to complete transitional levels of English, math or reading courses before enrolling in the program. At this time there is not a pre-admission test requirement for the program but one may be required in the future.  

When should I turn in my Health Requirements?
Students should not complete health requirements before they receive the letter of acceptance to the EMS program.  The acceptance letter will give directions, forms and deadlines for completing health requirements.

What kind of job can I get with an EMT license?
You may work at an ambulance service under the supervision of a licensed paramedic or you may qualify for a job as an Emergency Room Technician at a hospital. Many fire departments prefer that firemen be trained as an EMT.  Some students who plan to further their education in certain medical professional careers take EMT Basic to gain clinical experience that will improve their chance of being accepted into a medical program.

Can you give me more details about the criminal background check and drug screening?
You will be sent directions for completing your background check after you have been accepted to the EMS program.  You are required to complete a background check through due to the agreement we have with our clinical agencies.  The drug screening fee is included in your tuition for the program and will be due at the time you pay tuition. During the first few weeks of class, your instructor will give you directions for reporting for the drug screening. You will have 24 hours to report after notification.  You may also be called randomly for drug screening at any time during the program.  For more detailed information about the background and drug screening, click here.