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In today’s world, a solid foundation in mathematics is an absolute necessity for those wishing to pursue a career in a growing number of professions and industries.  Whether planning for a career in mathematics, pursuing a career in a mathematics-intensive field such as engineering or seeking to acquire the necessary mathematical skills for a job or daily life, the Mathematics Department at Southern Union is committed to help you find your way.  We offer a wide selection of courses designed to meet the academic needs of those students pursuing an Associate in Science degree, an Associate in Applied Science and/or certificate programs.

The mathematics faculty is a dedicated team of full-time instructors and adjunct instructors with a wide range of experience.  These instructors teach a wide variety of courses ranging from transitional mathematics, pre-calculus algebra and trigonometry to more advanced courses such as linear algebra and differential equations.  Our faculty members are committed to providing quality mathematics instruction at the College’s Opelika campus, Valley campus and Wadley campus.

The courses offered by the Mathematics Department are delivered through a variety of methods including:  traditional lecture courses that are meet in a classroom twice a week during the morning, afternoon or evening; hybrid courses that meet in a classroom once a week and also in a computer lab once a week; and online courses that deliver instruction through the use of the internet and requires a mandatory visit to the Opelika campus for the final exam.

Our mission is to provide outstanding instruction and sound curricula for:

  • Students needing transitional courses to prepare for college level course work.
  • Students pursuing degrees in occupational and technical programs.
  • Students satisfying core-curriculum and general degree requirements.
  • Students pursuing a career in mathematics, mathematics education, science and engineering.

Eddie Pigg, Department Chair

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