Southern Union State Community College

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get into the massage program?
You must first complete application to the College and then apply to the Therapeutic Massage Program by completing the application and submitting it by the deadline. Contact the Health Sciences Division for more information.

2. Do I have to take a test before entering the program?
Students who have never taken college coursework must present ACT or SAT scores taken within 3 years upon admission to the College AND/OR take the COMPASS placement examination. Students who transfer in a college-level English composition and math from an accredited college will be exempt from the placement exam.

3. How do I “meet the College’s reading requirements?
Students can meet the reading requirements by several ways:
a: scoring 20 or above on the ACT Reading exam or 510 on the SAT Reading exam (within 3 years of admission to College);
b: scoring 76 or higher on the Accuplacer Reading Exam;
c: completing a college level reading course (such as ENR094)
d: transferring in a college level English Composition course.

4. Is the massage program taught during the day?
No, the program is an evening program. Classes meet 4 evenings per week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from approximately 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. central time. Hours may be longer during the summer semester due to the shorter number of weeks (10 weeks).
5. What other costs will I incur besides books and tuition?
Students are required to purchase other items for use in lab/clinic. Refer to the estimated costs which are outlined on the web and in the Therapeutic Massage Student Handbook.

6. Is there a dress code?
Yes. Students should consult the Therapeutic Massage Handbook, General Class Room, Clinic and Lab Policies for information on dress code.

7. Must I attend the program during the summer?
At this time, the third semester of the program is taught only during the summer so you must attend summer to complete the program.

8. What will happen if I make a grade of D or F in a massage course? Students who earn a grade lower than C will not be allowed to progress to the next semester. The student must meet the grade point average (gpa) requirement of 2.0 at SUSCC and then ask to retake the course. After completing the course successfully, the student is allowed to progress to the next level.

9. Must I get a license to work as a massage therapist after I complete school?
Yes. Most states require that a massage therapist have a valid license in order to practice legally. There can be penalties (fines) for those people who practice without a license.

10. If I plan to work in Georgia, will I be able to get my license in that state?
Yes, SUSCC’s Therapeutic Massage Program is recognized as a Massage Therapy Educational Program by the Georgia Board of Massage Therapy. If you plan to work in other states, you will need to visit that state’s massage board website to find information about their requirements.

11. Where can I work after I get licensed?
Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT) can be employed by:
Hotels and resorts
Healthcare providers: chiropractors, naturopaths, medical doctors, acupuncturists, dentists
Large clinics specializing in massage
Hospitals, hospice facilities, nursing homes