Program Overview

The Manufacturing Technology program is designed to develop a multi-craft technician trained to diagnose and repair a variety of problems occurring with electrical and mechanical systems found in today’s high tech manufacturing and industrial environments. 

Students will be trained to perform preventative and predictive maintenance on a variety of systems to include but not limited to electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical power transmission.

This program is designed to prepare individuals to perform diagnostic, repair, and maintenance functions on industrial production, automation and robotics equipment. Students completing the Manufacturing Technology program will be required to participate in third party credentialing from NOCTI and OSHA.  Students enrolled in the Manufacturing Technology program will also have the opportunity to apply to the East Alabama Industrial Consortium for participation in the Industrial Maintenance Internship Program.

Plastics Injection Molding Option

The Plastics Injection Molding Option of the Manufacturing Technology Associate of Applied Science program provides training in the plastics industry, including theory and hands-on applications.  Students are given practical instruction applicable to materials, processing, and design engineering.

Injection molding machine setters and process technicians set up and tend machines that transform plastic compounds into a wide variety of consumer goods, such as toys, containers, and auto parts.  They install plastic injection  molds on the molding machine; make necessary connections of the electrical, hydraulic, and cooling systems to the mold; ensure that the correct plastic material, plastic melt temperatures, shot size, injection speed and pressures are set; and cycle the machine and adjust the molding parameters until acceptable parts are produced.