Southern Union, along with all colleges in the Alabama Community College System, is converting to a new, easy-to-use student portal called OneACCS for Fall 2020. The new system will replace mySUSCC for all your student needs, including Registration, Financial Aid, and payments. The system is set to be fully operational in July, but there are some important items you need to stay tuned for!

  • You will be getting a new Student ID number! Be on the lookout for an email about your new Student ID Number. The identification will start with an ‘A’ and replace your current student ID beginning in fall 2020. These numbers will be called your A-Number.
  • If you applied for Financial Aid for the 2020-2021 academic year, you will need your new A-Number to access the new student portal. Notifications of items needed to further review/process your FAFSA will be sent through your new student portal. Your new A –Number will be included in an email from Financial Aid in late April - early May. If you have questions regarding logging in go to If you did not apply for Financial Aid, your new A-Number (Student ID) will be sent to you later. 
  • The priority deadline to have your FAFSA completed for Fall 2020 is June 1 , 2020. (Apply online at Be on the lookout for information on how to log into and use your new student portal. Once you gain access to your new student portal, you can accept or deny your financial aid offer(s) through the portal. Limited information will be sent through postal mail. All correspondence relating to your financial aid will be sent through your new student portal and/or student email. Financial Aid disbursements will be sent by paper checks only for the 2020-2021 academic year. Checks will be sent through postal mail, so make sure your address is up to date with the Records Office!
  • Registration for Fall 2020 classes will begin in July! This year, the more credit hours you have earned, the earlier you’ll get to register for the classes you need for Graduation. Be on the lookout for the date and time you will need to register.
  • Don’t forget your current Student ID just yet. If you are taking summer classes, you will still use your current ID to register for those classes in my SUSCC. OneACCS – for registration purposes – only applies to Fall 2020 forward.
  • OneACCS should not affect Canvas. You will still have your separate login to access your coursework.


Please keep an eye on the website, social media, and your college email for more updates about OneACCS.  And, Please be patient with us, we are learning along with you!