Organization & Administration

 I - College Overview  II - Organization & Administration  III - Personnel Policies & Procedures
 IV - Benefits  V- Faculty Policies/Procedures  VI - Financial Management Polices
 VII - Facilities and Services  VIII - Public Safety and Health  IX - Students First Act
 X-Student Handbook  XI - Forms  

II. Organization and Administration

The Alabama State Board of Trustees
Southern Union Executive Council Members 
Organizational Charts
Standing Committees and Guidelines
Southern Union State Community College Foundation


Governor Kay Ivey  - President
Mr. Jeffery Newman - Ex Officio
Mr. Blake McAnally - At Large

Alabama Community College System
Chancellor - Mr. Jimmy Baker

Board of Trustees
District 1 - Mr. Al Thompson
District 2 - Mr. John Mitchell
District 3 - Ms. Susan Foy
District 4 - Mr. Matthew Woods
District 5 - Ms. Crystal Brown
District 6 - Mr. Milton Davis
District 7 - Mr. Chuck Smith

Southern Union Leadership Team

President - Todd Shackett
B.S., GMI Engineering & Management Institute
M.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Mechanical Engineering)
M.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Operations Management)
Certificate, Stanford University (Executive Management)

Vice-President of Financial and Administrative Services -  Ben Jordan 
A.S., Southern Union State Junior College
B.S., University of Alabama
M.B.A., Auburn University
C.P.A., State of Alabama

Dean of Student Affairs - Gary Branch, Jr.
B.A., University of Alabama at Birmingham
M.A., University of North Alabama

Dean of Academics - Linda North 
B.S.N., Troy State University
M.S.N., University of Alabama at Birmingham
Ed.S., Troy State University at Montgomery
Ph.D., University of Alabama

Dean of Technical Education and Workforce Development - Darin Baldwin 
B.S., Auburn University
M.S., Auburn University
Ed.S., Auburn University
Ph.D., Auburn University

Dean of Health Sciences - Rhonda Davis 
A.D.N., Southern Union State Junior College
B.S.N., Auburn University 
M.S.N., Troy State University
Additional Graduate Studies, University of Alabama

Dean of Students - F. Tiffany Sanders
B.S., M.S. Jacksonville State University
LBSW - State of Alabama
MDP - Harvard University

Executive Director of Human Resources/Senior Personnel Officer - Sandra Hughley
A.A.S., Central Alabama Community College
B.B.A., Faulkner University

Director of Public Relations - Shondae Brown 
A.S., Southern Union State Community College
B.A., The University of Alabama
M.P.A., University of West Georgia

Director of Management Information Systems - Cheryl Jordan 
B.S., Jacksonville State University 
M.B.A., Troy State University

Southern Union Associate Deans:

Associate Dean of Institutional Effectiveness - Robin Brown
A.S., Southern Union State Junior College B.S. and M. Ed., Auburn University

Associate Dean of Institutional Research and Academic Advancement - Eddie Pigg
B.S., Auburn University

Associate Dean of Instruction - Steve Spratlin
B.S., The University of Alabama
M.B.A., LaGrange College 
Additional Graduate Study, University of Alabama

Organizational Charts


Beginning with the fall semester 2014, each committee was assigned a designated chairperson and co-chairperson. The chair will remain on the committee for at least one year after serving as chair. The co-chair assumes the responsibilities of the chairperson during the following year. During the academic year, the committees select a co-chair for the upcoming academic year. In addition, at various times during the year, ad hoc committees are formed to accomplish the goals and mission of the college.


College Assembly
The College Assembly serves as a committee of the whole for the discussion and dissemination of information regarding all college actions and matters.
Meeting Schedule: 
Annually as called by President.

  • All full-time faculty and staff.

Administrative Council
The Administrative Council promotes communication through college wide updates reported by deans, program chairs, directors, and supervisors.
Meeting Schedule:   
Each semester or as called by the Chair or Co-Chair.

  • President
  • Program Chairs
  • Program Directors
  • Supervisors of Student Services and Student Development
  • Athletic Director
  • Public Relations Officer

Southern Union Leadership Team
The role of the Executive Council is to promote college wide communication; review and determine college policy within the framework of the Board of Trustees Policy; and review College goals and objectives as reflected in total college operation.
Meeting Schedule: 
Weekly or as called by the President

  • President, Chair
  • Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services
  • Instructional Deans
  • Dean of Students
  • Dean of Student Development
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Director of Public Relations
  • Director of Management Information Systems

Institutional Effectiveness Committee
The role of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee is to review and update the college’s philosophy and goals of the College; to develop concrete objectives for each College goal; to evaluate progress toward meeting objectives and goals; to assess and recommend research activities; and to assess and recommend evaluation processes. To effect the total function of formulating and maintaining an annual and a multiple-year plan for College development, as well as to conduct periodic needed evaluation and research activities. All faculty, staff, and administrators are required to participate in the planning process.
Meeting Schedule: 
At least twice per year as called by the Chair.

  • Institutional Effectiveness Committee, Chair
  • SACSCOC Liaison, Co-Chair
  • Instructional Deans
  • Dean of Students
  • Dean of Student Affairs
  • Director, LRC
  • Department Chairs/Program Directors
  • Assessment Coordinators

Instructional Services Committee
The Instructional Services Committee is chaired by an Instructional Dean and is charged with the formulation, coordination, and implementation of college policy and procedures relating to instructional services. Matters relating to the broad areas of academic structure and governance as well as the following are specific responsibilities of this committee: Approve curriculum, including course offerings, programs of study, relationships with other institutions of higher learning, and academic standards

  • Recommend admissions and retention policies;
  • Recommend class attendance and withdrawal policies;
  • Recommend grading systems and policies;
  • Recommend improvement for all of the instructional services provided by the college including media services, computer services, secretarial          support, the bookstore, instructional materials and equipment, and any other instructional services identified by the committee.

Meeting Schedule: 
At least twice a year or as called by Chair.

  • Dean of Students
  • Dean of Student Development
  • Instructional Deans, (One is Chairperson)
  • Department Chairs
  • Director, Learning Resources Center
  • Associate Dean of Institutional Effectiveness


Learning Resources Committee
The Learning Resources Committee serves in an advisory capacity regarding learning resources to the Director of Learning Resources. The committee studies and recommends ways to improve services and utilization of learning resources by the faculty and students; promotes communication between faculty, students, and the learning resources staff; and makes policy recommendations regarding learning resources to the Director of Learning Resources, the Academic Dean and/or the President.
Meeting Schedule: 
At least twice a year or as called by the Chair.

  • Four Faculty members, one of which serves as chair
  • One Learning Resources Center Staff member
  • One Support Staff member
  • One Student
  • Ex-Officio: Director, Learning Resources Center

Scholarship/Financial Aid Committee
The Scholarship/Financial Aid Committee is charged with the following:

  • To ensure the most comprehensive financial assistance program possible through the maximum use of the College-Work Study Program,Pell Grant Program, other types of Title IV programs, veterans benefits, community funds and scholarships;
  • To regularly review all policies and procedures concerning all scholarship/financial aid programs; and make recommendations to the President for        adjustments as needed;
  • Recommend to the President the appropriate distribution and awards of all institutionally controlled scholarship and financial resources;
  • Provide oversight to the student financial aid office;Coordinate the compilation of all information concerning student financial aid statistics on an annual basis and publish broadly; and
  • Meet monthly to review financial aid appeals.

Meeting Schedule: 
Meet monthly or as called by the Chair and/or Director of Financial Aid.

  • Three Faculty members
  • One Administrative staff member
  • One Support staff member
  • Ex-Officio:   Director of Financial Aid

Distance Learning Committee
The Distance Learning Committee is charged with developing distance education policies and practice that support and improve student learning. Specifically, the committee is charged with developing policies related to distance education, online courses, and faculty and student support services. In addition, the committee is charged with the evaluation and support for the course management system and respective software to be used for distance education courses.
Meeting Schedule: 
Each semester

  • Director of Distance Education
  •  At least one Faculty Member from each discipline
  • One or Two Staff Members
  • Staff Member from Students


Disciplinary Committee
The purpose of the Committee is as follows:

  • Hear charges and evidence concerning student misconduct and direct action to be taken in cases appealed by students and referred to the  Committee by the Dean of Students.
  • Review and make recommendations to the Dean of Students on student disciplinary policies and procedures.

Meeting Schedule: 
As needed; meetings are held within 48 hours of notice of a hearing.

  • Three (3) Faculty/Staff members, one of whom will serve as the Chair
  • The Student Government Association President,
  • The Residence Hall President


Sick Leave Bank Committee
The Sick Leave Bank Committee is charged with the administration and operation of the Sick Leave Bank in accordance with specific guidelines designated by the Chancellor of the Alabama Community College System and available from the Committee or President. The Committee may also promulgate general rules and regulations beyond the guidelines so long as such rules and regulations are not inconsistent with the established guidelines.
Meeting Schedule: 
As called by the committee chair or by a majority of the committee members.

  • President or designee
  • Four full-time personnel elected by vote of participating sick-leave bank members

Safety Committee
The Safety Committee assures that appropriate health and safety standards are maintained and that the appropriate federal and state statutes are observed. The Committee is also charged with periodic review of the college safety plan.
Meeting Schedule: 
As called by the committee chair or a least annually.

  • Two representatives from each campus with one designated as chair

Admissions Committee
The Admissions Committee hears appeals from students for exceptions to admission policies as outlined in the Catalog. Three members represent a quorum if the Committee has representation from two of three campuses.
Meeting Schedule: 
As called by the chair.

  • Dean of Students
  • Registrar
  • Instructional Deans
  • Minimum of one Academic Advisor
  • At least one Staff member


Professional Development Planning Committee
The purpose of Professional Development Committee is to provide professional development opportunities for college employees during the professional days identified in the college calendar. The Committee is charged with providing at least one day of professional development for employees during fall and spring semester.  The professional development calendar must be submitted and approved by Dean of Academics and the Executive Council.
Meeting Schedule: 
Each semester and as called by the Chair

  • Faculty members from each division
  • Staff members from each Functional Unit
  • Ex-Officio: Dean of Academics

Policy Committee
The purpose of the Policy Committee is to review College policies for accuracy and consistency with the Alabama Community College System policies. The Committee makes recommendations for policy changes to the Executive Committee. Once policy changes are approved, they are added to the college policy manual and placed in the college intranet.
Meeting Schedule: 
At least twice per semester.

  • Academic Dean
  • Dean of Students
  • Dean of Student Development
  • Financial Aid Representative
  • Technical Division Representative
  • Health Science Representative
  • Admission Representative
  • Distance Learning Coordinator
  • President of Faculty Senate (Both Wadley and Opelika Campus)
  • Valley Campus Representative
  • Business Office Staff Member

Evaluation Committee
The purpose of the Evaluation Committee is to review evaluation policies and procedures for administration, faculty and staff. The committee chair and co-chair are responsible for working with the Director of Human Resources to annually update the evaluation manual.
Meeting Schedule: 
At least twice per year

  • Six to eight Faculty members from the various divisions
  • Three to five Staff members
  • Instructional and/or Student Services Dean

In-State Eligibility Committee
The purpose of the In-State Eligibility Committee is to determine residency for perspective students. Three people who represent at least two of the three campuses will constitute a quorum.
Meeting Schedule: 
At least once per semester.

  • One Representative from both Wadley and Opelika Campus Student Services Offices
  • One Representative from both Wadley and Opelika Business Offices
  • Assistant to the Dean of Students
  • Registrar

Registration Committee
The Registration Committee serves in an advisory capacity regarding the admission and registration process for students. The Committee will make recommendations for changes to the Policy Committee who, in turn, will make recommendations to the Executive Council concerning changes to the admissions and registration policies and procedures.
Meeting Schedule: 
At least three times per year.

  • Dean of Students
  • Dean of Student Development
  • Dean of Academics
  • Associate Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Associate Dean of Instruction
  • Financial Aid Director and Assistant Director
  • Registrar and Advisors


Honors Committee
The Honors Committee serves to assist in the recruitment and selection of students to represent the College at the local, regional, state and national level. The committee members work with the various organizations to promote student recognition through applications such as Alabama All-Academic Team, scholarships, and other areas of recognition.
Meeting Schedule: 
At least once per year or as called by the chair.

  • Faculty Advisor for Phi Theta Kappa
  • Director of Public Relations
  • Representatives from Student Development
  • Advisors
  • Diversity Coordinator


As the fundraising arm of the college, the SU Foundation promotes and supports the programs and activities of Southern Union. Members of the Foundation Board of Directors work to raise awareness of the College’s case for support, leading to increased visibility in the communities served by the college.

The Foundation is a 501©3 organization and exists to assist, support, and foster the educational and service programs and activities of Southern Union State Community College. The Foundation encourages gifts for scholarships and other awards to further the educational mission of the College.

Through the establishment of the Foundation’s scholarship fund in 2012, SU students may apply for tuition assistance through the Foundation.   SU employees may support the scholarship fund through giving opportunities such as one-time gifts or through payroll deduction.  To obtain a payroll deduction form, please contact the public relations office.

Scholarships are available through the Foundation for current SU students as well as incoming freshmen. Students who wish to apply for a Foundation Scholarship should review the Foundation Scholarship Guidelines and complete a Foundation Scholarship Application. Both of these items can be found on the Southern Union website at