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Placement Testing (ACCUPLACER)

No tests are required for general admission to Southern Union but may be required for placement in college-level courses.

First-time college students may have ACT, SAT or GED (2014 series) scores considered for placement in college-level English and math if those scores have been earned within 5 years.  If test scores are not available or not at the appropriate level, students who have graduated high school within 5 years with a 2.75 grade point average (GPA) may have their grades in English IV (senior English) and Algebra II considered for placement in college-level English and math.  Students must  have the results of their ACT, SAT or GED and high school transcripts** forwarded to the college to be used for placement purposes.

First-time students without proof of appropriate ACT, SAT or GED scores, those with scores below the established guidelines, or those without proof of a 2.75 grade point average or higher on their final high school transcript, must make arrangements to take the ACCUPLACER placement examination in writing and mathematics prior to meeting with an advisor to enroll in courses.

Students who transfer from a regionally accredited college without a C or better in a degree-creditable English composition and college-level algebra and without exemptions as listed below, will be required to take one or both parts of the placement test. 

ACCUPLACER Exemptions:

For Accuplacer Exemptions and guidelines click here. Students who meet one of the following guidelines are exempt from taking the ACCUPLACER placement test for writing and/or math. 

*Test Scores, GPA and high school grades must be no more than 5 years old.  

^ACCUPLACER Next Generation test implemented in January 2019.

**Students should request an official copy of his or her high school transcript with graduation date be sent to the SUSCC Admissions Office at P.O. Box 1000, Wadley, AL 36276.

*** To document high school GPA and avoid having to take the ACCUPLACER, we recommend that you bring a copy of your high school transcript at the time you come to register in person as a new student.

To schedule your ACCUPLACER Test click on the campus below:

Because of limited seating in the testing sessions, students are encouraged to take the placement test at their earliest convenience. New students must complete the placement test or document exemptions before registering for classes at Southern Union.



ACCUPLACER is a suite of tests that evaluates a student's current skill level in reading, English, and math so that student can be assigned to the appropriate college classes. ACCUPLACER is used to identify your strengths and weaknesses in each subject area.  Test scores or college transcripts documenting successful completion of English composition and college algebra must be available when meeting with an advisor to enroll in classes.


  1. Anyone who has not taken the ACT OR SAT within 5 years
  2. Anyone whose ACT score is: English <17 and/or math <17
  3. Anyone whose SAT score is below 510 in verbal and/or math
  4. Anyone who cannot verify a high school GPA of 2.75 or higher and a grade of an A or B in senior English must take the Writeplacer (Accuplacer) exam.
  5. Anyone who cannot verify a high school GPA of 2.75 or higher and a grade of  an A or B in Algebra II or higher math must take the math portion of the Accuplacer exam.
  6. Anyone who cannot document appropriate Accuplacer or COMPASS placement scores from another institution within the last five (5) years
  7. Transfer students: Anyone who does not have transfer credit for freshman English Composition (grade of C or higher required) and college algebra from a regionally accredited institution.
  8. Transfer students: Anyone who cannot verify successful completion of college-level developmental English and math from a regionally accredited institution.
  9. GED Test Takers: Anyone whose GED score is below 165 in Mathematical Reasoning and/or Reasoning Through Language Arts-RLA (2014 series GED)

* Students should request a copy of his or her high school transcript with graduation date be sent to the SUSCC Admissions Office at P.O.    Box 1000, Wadley,AL 36276.

* To document high school GPA and avoid having to take the Accuplacer, we recommend that you bring a copy of your high school  transcripts at the time you come to register in person as a new student.


Please review the Course Placement Guidelines to see ACT and SAT score requirements for test exemption.

A VALID PHOTO ID AND SU STUDENT ID NUMBER (A-NUMBER) ARE REQUIRED TO TAKE THE PLACEMENT TEST.  Scratch paper and pencil will be provided during testing. For students taking the math section, the web-based calculator provided by ACCUPLACER will be available. No other calculators will be allowed.

If you have not had your official high school transcripts sent to the Records Office, it is strongly recommended that you bring a copy with you to the Admissions Office for test verification purposes.

Individuals who have filled out and turned in an SUSCC application for admission.
Currently enrolled students who have not begun a class sequence: For example, once you have taken Math 098, you cannot retake the math portion no matter your grade in the class.

No. Southern Union will not fax or mail test scores or discuss test scores over the phone with any other institution.

Please call the Assessment Center.  In most cases, the Assessment Center staff may be able to set up a remote test with a campus near you. Please be advised, that there may be a fee associated with testing on a different campus. 

Brush up on your skills: review any class notes, old tests, or papers you may have.
Visit for the Accuplacer Study App.

Mathematics and reading test scores are available immediately once testing is complete; however, the writing section takes a bit longer. Students must submit a writing sample that will have to be scored separately. These are generally ready with 24-48 hours. Test takers will be notified by a Southern Union representative and advised when they would need to see their advisor to select their classes for the upcoming semester. 

Students can take the test twice (includes initial test and one retest) per calendar year.  After the initial test, if students wish to retest to improve scores, they are allowed to retest provided there is evidence that additional test preparation activities have been completed. Additional preparation includes but is not limited to academic boot camps, online pre-tests, and placement test applications.

Additional information and resources for ACCUPLACER.

Students requesting special ADA test accommodations should call the appropriate campus to make arrangements to take the test:
  • Wadley Campus (256) 395-2211, Ext. 5154 (Tiffanie Character)
  • Valley Campus (334) 756-4151, Ext. 5204 (Robin Brown)
  • Opelika Campus (334) 745-6437, Ext. 5354 (Joseph Halsey)

If you have any additional questions on the services offered by the Assessment Center, please contact a member of our staff:

Robbie Whaley
Coordinator of Testing Services
334.745.6437, Ext. 5416
Shron Hodges
Assessment Center Associate
334.745.6437, Ext. 5563

Sarah Ledbetter
Assessment Center Associate
334.745.6437, Ext. 5579