Student Success Center

At Southern Union, success is about having support. The Success Center located on the Opelika Campus, offers Southern Union students free services such as tutoring, standardized testing remediation, and accessibility (ADA) services that are designed to maximize student involvement in their personal learning and development.

Our staff works collaboratively with students as they explore options for creating academic and personal success. We want to see our students succeed!

Visit the Opelika Success Center in the Business and Technology Center (BTC), Room 110


Joseph R. Halsey, Coordinator - Student Success Center
ADA Coordinator-Opelika Campus
jhalsey@suscc.edu    334-745-6437, Ext. 5354

Sarah Ledbetter
Testing Assistant



The mission of the Student Success Center is to assist students with overcoming challenges in coursework, as well as to provide opportunities for skills development to help students succeed academically and professionally.    

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Fall 2021 Workshops

Student Success Series (Opelika and Wadley Campuses)

Webinar: "Surviving Your Freshman Year" (09/29/2021 29 minutes)

"Metacognition: Transform your Learning Experience"  Metacognition is "thinking about how you think." If you are struggling with low test scores and understanding instructional material, the information you'll learn in this workshop could change your life! Registration

"Staying Focused and Motivated"  According to ACT, 25% of all college students end up leaving before completing their sophomore year--that's 1 out of 4 students! Don't be on the wrong side of this statistic! Get eight tips and tricks on how to make it through your first year and beyond. Whether you are fresh out of high school or you're returning to school after a long absence, there is something you can get out of this webinar! Registration

Lunch and Learn Series (Opelika Campus- Learning Resource Center)

"Mindfulness" (September 23, 2021 - 12:30 pm) An interactive workshop to help you to discover the benefits of mindfulness and how it can contribute to your overall mental wellness and balance.

"How to Get and Keep the Perfect Job" (October 25, 2021 - 12:30 pm) This workshop will offer tips on how to land the job--including completing applications, cover letters, interview preparation--and how to keep the job using by pairing your skills and talents with some necessary on-the-job soft skills! 

Previous Workshops

Webinar: Prepping for Finals (November 20, 2020)  Handouts:  Prepping for Finals PowerPoint  Study Cycle  Concept Mapping Example

Webinar: Your Financial Aid Next Semester (October 20, 2020)

Study Skills Workshop Part 1: "Study Smarter-Not Harder"

Study Skills Workshop Part 2: "Tips for Studying for BIO 201 & 202" (From a Student's point of view)


Southern Union Food Pantry

East Alabama Community Market Community resource for food.

2-1-1 Connects Alabama Connect with community resources for food, shelter, childcare, transportation, services for elderly or disabled individuals as well as crisis situations.


Childcare Resources Center Provides childcare services including advocacy, referrals, and financial assistance for childcare.

Mental Health

Suicide Prevention Lifeline Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 (24/7)

Domestic Violence Intervention Center in Opelika, AL Hotline: 800-650-6522 (24/7)

JBS Mental Health Authority Alabama COVID Response Unit- Offering free telehealth/phone counseling services for those affected by COVID: Hotline: Call 205-949-2961 or email: Meaghan Bourque at mbourque@jbsmha.com