Web Registration

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility that online registration offers in selecting the class schedule that best suits your needs by signing on to mySUSCC and registering for classes.

Getting Started with Web Registration

You must not have any outstanding fees or “holds” on your account. 

Currently-enrolled students may register online any time during the designated registration period.  New students at Southern Union must register with an academic advisor on a published registration day. Students receiving financial aid should check the status of their financial aid on mySUSCC.

Log in to mySUSCC web portal

  • Click on the mySUSCC link in the yellow bar on home page at www.suscc.edu.  
  • User ID: SU email (include the @mail.suscc.edu)

  • Password: the default password is !SUSCC followed by your six-digit birthday.

    Example: John Smith was born on October 12, 2002
    User ID: jsmith12@mail.suscc.edu
    Password: !SUSCC101202

Create Your Schedule

  • Once you log in to mySUSCC, choose the Student tab.
  • Click on Student Landing Page. 
  • Click Registration tab.
  • Click Register for Classes 
  • Select your term from the drop down menu and submit. 
  • Enter your Search Criteria for the classes that you want to register for.
  • You will then see the Add button. You can select to ADD the classes that you want to register for. 
  • Once you have added all of the classes, you will click submit. 
  • Once you see Registered  in the status column you have successfully added the class. 

To download a pdf of these steps click here.

Drop and Add

  • You can adjust your schedule during the published drop & add period.
  • Please be aware that adjusting your schedule may affect financial aid

Withdrawal from College

To completely withdraw from all classes, login to your mySUSCC.  Withdrawals must be completed before the first official day of class for 100% Refund (withdrawals are subject to 5% administrative fee). Please check with Financial Aid before withdrawing in case it will affect your eligibility.