Medication Assistant Certified


A Certified Medication Aide is a certified nursing assistant (CNA) responsible for administering daily medication to patients in a medical facility. Also referred to as Medical Aide Technicians, their duties include monitoring patients, reporting changes, and collecting samples.


Medication Assistant Certified (MAC)- NNAS 9102 - 6 hours:

The Medication Assistant course is a  non-collegiate credit course offered every semester (depending on student interest) on the Opelika.  It requires a pre-requisite of NAS 100.  Students must have proof of having passed a CNA course and have permission from their employer to do clinicals at their place of employment.   Participants are not eligible to receive Federal Pell Grant Awards for enrolling in the program.   Students may be eligible for assistance through a grant offered due to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

Approval:  Alabama Board of Nursing

Degree Earned:  Award of Achievement
Length of Program:  10 weeks

Cost of Program:   Initial cost includes tuition + malpractice insurance +lab supplies.  Please see estimated program costs for all fees.

Credentials Earned:  Medication Assistant Certified (MA-C)  following passage of the Medication Assistant Certification Exam (MACE) through NCSBN. Certification is required by all long-term care facilities/nursing homes.

Course Fee - $1051  (See Scheduled Classes)

Materials Required:

Textbook - $30 approx.

Lab Supplies -$40 included in tuition

Malpractice Insurance - $15 included in tuition

Uniforms, watch, and stethoscope - $120, depending on where purchased.

Health Immunizations – Students must be cleared by employer to do clinicals at their place of employment.

Optional:  Certification test fee $120 approx.

** Please note that costs are approximations and are subject to change.


Health Requirements and Forms

Students enrolling in the Medical Assistant Program must have permission from their employer to complete the clinical requirements with their employer.  Students should have up-to-date health records with their employer and therefore  will not need to present immunizations to the College.

Clinical requirements:

Students must attend 100% of total clinical hours based on State Nurse Aide education requirements.  Students who do not complete 100% of course hours will not be allowed to enter clinicals or sit for the state exam.


Helpful Student Resources

Estimated Program Costs Fall 2023 - Medication Assistant
Program Brochure
Alabama Board of Nursing


Financial Assistance:

Career Pathways:

Career Pathways allows qualifying students to benefit from activities related to workplace readiness, academic and career counseling, and academic preparation while enrolling in selected Non-Credit Fast Track programs.  Tuition assistance may be available for Adult Education students to assist with registration.  For more information, contact the Adult Education Department at (334) 745-6437, ext. 5341 or 5363.


Students who qualify for financial assistance under the guidelines of the Workforce Opportunity Investment Act (WIOA) may receive monies that will pay tuition for the Nursing Assistant Program. For more information, contact the Opelika Career Link (334) 749-5704 or the Valley Career Link (334) 756-0024.   Students who do not qualify for WIOA financial Assistance should register for the program and make payment.